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Get Involved in Sinai Ministries

We are Building Lives of Faith at Sinai!  We need YOU to be a part of our ministries of service, growth, and fellowship.  It is all a part of belonging to a community of faith and living out your call as God's child.

Endowment Fund                              
Sinai members may apply for a scholarship from Sinai's Endowment Fund for college costs or camperships.  Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need and availability of funds.  Applications can be picked up at church during the enrollment period or contact the church office at to request one be sent to you. 
Deadline is July 1st and the committee makes scholarship awards in August.
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Pastor Al Duminy

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Sinai Lutheran Church welcomes, challenges, and nurtures disciples to serve the church and love God s world.
Sunday Worship Schedule

Sunday Worship                 8:00 AM
Christian Ed. Hour              9:15 AM
     Sunday School, Fellowship
     Middle, High School and Adult
Sunday Worship                10:30 AM
Confirmation - Wednesdays 6 pm                   
Office Hours:
M|T|Th|Fri     9AM - 12PM  1-3PM
W                         9AM  -12PM

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