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1891 - 2016 Celebrating 125 years!

A brief sketch of Sinai's history...............
Dec. 21, 1891    Sinai Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized with 23 charter
                              members.  It was sponsored by the Augustana Synod.   The first pastor,
                              J. Ekholm, was also pastor at Bethlehem, Wahoo.
1894 - 1920        Sinai & Elim Lutheran Church in rural Swaberg were served by the same
1896                     The original church building at First & Platte streets was dedicated.  In
                              1905 the Fremont congregation built a parsonage and the pastor resided in
1925-1940          The switch from the original Swedish language to English was complete in
                              1925.  Sinai became self-supportin in the 1940's and experienced a rapid
                              period of growth.
1950                     Six and one-half lots and one house at the corner of 8th & Pebble streets
                              were purchased in June at a cost of $11,600 for the purpose of building a
                              new  church. The old building was sold.
March 4, 1951   Groundbreaking services for the new church were held and the cornerstone
                              laying rites were held on July 15.  The congregation held services in the
                              Midland College chapel until it occupied the basement of its new facility on
                              Thanksgiving Day, 1951.  
Aprl 20, 1952    Dedication services were held at the new church at 8th & Pebble.  Sinai's
                              annual Swedish smorgasbord was, for many years, a way to share the
                              congregation's Swedish heritage with the community.
1980's                 Under the leadership of Pastor Conrad Schmitz, plans began to be developed
                              for Sunday School rooms, office space and conference rooms, the above
                              having been held in the parsonage and basement of the church for a number
                              of years.  The parsonage was sold and moved to allow more parking space.
Sept. 10, 1989  Dedication services were held for the new addition that included a larger
                              narthex and installation of an elevator. 
1990's                 Under Pastor Paul Hoffman's leadership, the Sinai congregation and its
                              members were instrumental in the establishment of several community
                              service organizations, including Fremont Area Habitat for Humanity, Dodge
                              County Low Income Ministry and the Care Corps Shelter.    During Pastor
                              Hoffman's years at Sinai, the congregation hosted several interns from the
                              Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg.  The vicar program helped
                              seminarians experience life and leadership in the parish during their
                              internship year.
1999                    Sinai's staff grew as a Family Life team was established under the leadership
                             of Diane Harpster.  Pastor  James Melang began a shared position as Midland
                             Lutheran College campus pastor and associate pastor at Sinai.   Youth began
                             their yearly summer service trips, led by Pastor Michael Ostrom.  Lu Ann
                             Ehmcke was hired as Youth Director. She and Diane Harpster continued 
                             leading this service-learning youth ministry through the following decade.
2000                   Sinai's sanctuary was renovated, enhancing the aesthetics, accessibility and
                             acoustics of the worship space.  Sinai members continue to gather at God's
                             table to be fed and nourished and sent out in service to our community and
2016                   Sinai celebrated 125 years with many activities throughout the year to include
                             a renovation of space and sound with a new Juget-Sinclair pipe organ. A series
                             of organ dedication concerts were a part of that celebration.
Sinai Pastors

Dr. J. Ekholm    1891-1893
Rev. J. S. Brodeen      1894-1896
Rev. H. F. H. Hartelius     1898-1904
Rev. Elof Peterson     1905-1913
Rev. J. E. Lindberg    1914-1920
Dean W. E. Tilberg   1920-1925
Rev. C. O. Gulleen   1926-1941
Rev. Roy W. Johnson     1941-1947
Rev. Theodore E. Johnson  1947-1954
Rev. Earl D. Hedman    1954-1957
Rev. Howard A. Youngbloom   1958-1965
Rev. Richard Engstrom   1966-69
Pr. Walter Wendel   1970-73
Pr. LuRue Anderson   1974-75
Pr. James Davis    1976-78
Pr. Conrad Schmitz    1979-1988
Pr. Paul Hoffman     1989-1996
Pr. Harold Schmidt, Interim  1996-1997
Pr. Michael Ostrom  1997-2011
Pr. James Melang, Associate Pastor     1999-2012
Pr. Alan Duminy  2012-Present

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Pastor Al Duminy

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