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"Sinai Lutheran Church welcomes, challenges and nurtures disciples to serve the church and love God's world."

These words capture who we believe God is
leading us to become - as a community committed to walking in the way of Jesus Christ.   We hope this website provides you with information and images of the ways we welcome, challenge and nuture each other to become servants of Christ's church and lovers of God's world.  We invite you to visit us sometime and experience our life together first hand!
our theme.  Come join our
Construction Crew, building lives of
faith to serve others in the
name of Christ!
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Always Being Made New Transformation stories!
    The recollection of the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago call to mind major transformations in human history. Christís death and Lutherís nailing of the 95 Theses on the Castle Church door in Wittenburg radically transformed peopleís understanding of their relationship to God and to each other.
    We experience our own transformations throughout our lives. Events or people totally alter how we think about ourselves, how we think about God, or understand our purpose in life. Sometimes we are transformed in a moment or sometimes it happens over time. Whether the process is short or long, we are made new. And this process happens again and again.
    To celebrate the larger changes of the church, we invite you to share a story of personal transformation. Who or what helped you get a different perspective of your loss/sadness/ill health/hard time? Who or what helped you get a different perspective on your calling in life? Who or what helped you accept something you didnít want to? Who or what gave you the strength to change something?  Please send your story to Lisa Kramme via email or give a copy to Lisa or Keith at Sinai.

What's Your Story?

As part of Sinai's 125th Year, members submitted 150 words or fewer that could be titled,  "Why Sinai?".  Those stories are posted on the Upcoming Events tab. Check out the What's Your Story? section on that page to learn about Sinai through these stories!
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Sinai Lutheran Church welcomes, challenges, and nurtures disciples to serve the church and love God s world.
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