St. Nicholas Day is December 6 - a perfect opportunity for a little celebration in an Advent season that is marked by hopeful waiting for Christ's coming at Christmas.  In many parts of the world, children put out shoes or socks on the evening of December 5, hoping for St. Nicholas to fill them with little treats.

Our St. Nicholas event reminded us that the original St. Nicholas was a real person who lived about 1700 years ago and was known for his giving to others in need.   We also thought about how WE could be a St. Nicholas for others this Advent as we tied fleece blankets for Lutheran Family Services, created cards for National Guard members on duty in Afghanistan, made cards for our homebound members, and made Advent banners to help us wait for Christ's coming at Christmas.

Here are some photos of our event.  Click on any photo to see a close-up image.
St. Nicholas Giving Event
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